Health is a broad term. Our world bombards us with a massive amount of information about how to be well, offers very little support along the way and then blames individuals for not being able to achieve optimum health on our own.  

                  About Ariel 

My wellness journey began when I realized that the options presented to me were a box that I did not fit into.  After dropping out of college where my anxiety led me to severely disordered eating, I found my way to a small macrobiotic kitchen. The food and the rhythm of working in a kitchen nourished my body and my mind.  

Feeling bolstered by my time in the kitchen I made my way across the country to the Evergreen State College where I studied small scale organic agriculture, sustainable development and social movement histories. This hands on learning coupled with social justice activism fostered my desire to use my hands and my voice to engage with the health of individuals and the health of our planet. 

After school I worked on several small organic farms, lived in community, learned to build giant puppets for use in political street theater, studied herbal medicine, founded and ran a small preschool, worked as a barista and bookkeeper for an amazing coffee company, fell in love with Jewish practice, birthed and am parenting two rowdy children.    

Throughout all of these chapters I have learned about nutrition, herbal medicine and wellness. I have struggled through postpartum hypothryoid and adrenal fatigue and learned the very real challenge of caring for my own health while raising children.  

I work with a wide range of clients, but specialize in postpartum wellness, parents' health, family health and folks who are managing inflammatory conditions.  As a health coach, I don't take the place of your healthcare providers nor can I diagnose.  My role is to offer support and strategy and to collaborate with YOU to build systems of health.  Wellness is what you eat, but its also your community, your work and your strategies for maintaining hope amidst an opressive society.  

I am a fervent believer and pledge signer with Health At Every Size. I believe that wellness is inherently possible for everyone but unneccesarily hard to accomplish by yourself. Lets work together!

Relevant Education and Training

2019 Herbal Medicine for Woman, Aviva Romm MD, (current student)

2019 Health Coach Training, Institute for Intregrative Nutrition

2012 Foundations in Community Herbalism, Maia Toll  (200 hours)

2002 Mediation Training, Dispute Resolution Center, Olympia WA

2000 B.A in Sustainable Agriculture and Development, The Evergreen State College

1996 Kitchen Apprentice, The All Natural Market Macrobiotic Kitchen, Ardmore PA

*I am a student member of the American Herbalists Guild