• Ariel Zaslav

What is a health coach?

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Its hard to navigate the waters of wellness on your own. There are hundreds of great dietary theories out there, as well as thousands of ways to move your body and tips galore for how to lead a balanced life. But trying to make the right decisions for yourself in the midst of everything else can be daunting and even impossible. A health coach can be your partner, your collaborator, your sounding board. Someone who can spend time with you to figure out what changes work for you, offer tips and not judge or blame you for your imperfections. Sure, it is possible to do these things on your own, but why? Humans do our best thinking, our best dreaming and our best work together.

Individualized health coaching is just that - individualized. We all need a hand and we need it in different ways. Maybe you need help with meal planning, or maybe you are struggling with inflammation in your body. Maybe you have struggled your whole life to believe in the inherent goodness and power of your own body. Whatever it is you are trying to figure out, I believe that with the right support you can create sustainable systems of wellness and feel awesome.

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